The Vision

The overarching objective of SLCD is to alleviate extreme poverty through education for populations in the Philippines in general and in Sariaya, Quezon and surrounding towns in particular as part of achieving some of the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
The objectives include:
  • To provide for deserving, impoverished out of school rural children and youth in the area to a non-traditional education where they relate what they learn to their own experience, what they are interested in and live what they have learned; where they learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic;
  • To provide a facility for women to empower themselves and become agents of positive change in the community ie. income generation, education to serve women outside the formal educational institution; do advocacy on behalf of the poorest people; liaise with other organizations to improve the delivery of health care responsibilities at the local level;
  • To establish a highly professional community theatre organization born from the first holistic training in theatre supported by a thrust towards a sense of responsibility, attitude toward work, mutual respect for audience and community, ability to work with a group, and time management.
  • To provide a library for the community to access books, audio visual materials, computers and information technology for children, youth and women and men.
  • To work with the local government as well as the church institution and other organizations to mine the potential of the synergy among them and accelerate the alleviation of extreme poverty among the population.

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