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2019 Summer Class Programme Recognition Day

Summer Class Programme :    Art Session made by Dylan S. Jamilano






2017 UN Exhibit

Tess Debuque, UNIC Manila. National Information Officer with Sol Oca, Founder and Executive Director of SLCD during the UN Exhibit December 2017

Ang Munting Prinsipe: The Musical

Twine Project for Women Sarap Buhay
TESDA, Sisters of the Franciscan Missionaires in Sariaya and SLCD embarked on a twine project to support the income of a community of women in Barangay Sarap Buhay.
TESDA provided the trainors for the women and
donated the simple machines to make the twine. Coco Nucifera,a twine factory, provided the raw material which were taken from coconut husks
and collected the finished twine then paid the women. The women could work in their own homes or area. There was a ready market for their output, which was a win-win situation for everyone.
The trainor demonstrated the the work to be done.
Sol, Rary and other volunteers look on.
The trainor demonstrates how to make the twine.
2015 Kid's Recognition Day (May 2015)
Microsoft Word & Powerpoint Workshop
Ms. Alice Sabalones Tanoue, a profesional Microsoft Word and Powerpoint teacher from Washington DC, volunteered to give a two-day workshop for kids and adults.
Ms. Tanoue's first day with the kids.
Kids ages 5 - 12 enjoying the workshop
Sheryl Tolores, Librarian, Manager joins them
Sol S. Oca, Founder and Executive Director poses with the group
The adults workshop
The adult group

Meet Brother Armin Luistro, Secretary of Education 


Bro. Armin Luistro, Secretary of Education visited the SLCD facility on his way to Lucena, Quezon to give a speech during the graduation ceremony in a university there.

Eric Dedace (in black), the Sariaya historian
gives Br. Armin a backgrounder on Sariaya
Jay Tanwangco, Br. Armin's Assistant, Eric,
Br. Armin and Sol S. Oca in multipurpose
area of SLCD.
Eric, Sol and Br. Armin pose in front of the Sarialaya Learning Centre for Development signage,
Br. Armin writes an inspiring message "to continue to be a vibrant sanctuary for culture, education and the arts".
Christmas Party 2014
Christmas parties end the year in celebration. SLCD held one on 7 December 2014 where there were games, food and camaraderie among the staff and students.
There were games
There were prizes
There was the piñata
The staff-Malu, Erwin, Maggie, Sheryl, Sol and Nini.
UN Corner
On 15 May 2014, SLCD was designated a UN Corner by the United Nations Information. Centre (UNIC) Manila. The Max Bernard Solis Library of SLCD contains UN Publications, one of the rare collections in the Province of Quezon
Sol Oca hand Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB, a cheque for 112.000.00 php for her hospital project in Pambujan, Samar.
The staff of UNIC Manila with Mari Achacoso and Jeas Ann Consolacion and the rest of staff when they came for a visit.
Another group picture of the Launch of the UN Corner in SLCD
The Board Members after an annual meeting (from left to right) Willy Oca, Br. Bernie Oca, Sol Oca, Sr. Mary John, Percy Oca and our Librarain and Manager Sheryl Tolores
Recognition Day - Summer Class 2014
The Summer Tutorial Programme 2014 focused on the arts where students used, clay, crayons, popsicle sticks, etc. to create whatever they fancy.
Colorful wall for Recognition Day 2014
Group photo of all the participants
Group creation of underwater life
Other artwork of the students on the environment
The mermaids during the program
Other submissions of what the kids did
UN Singers' Philippine Visit (February 2014)

Isang Pamaskong Awit (6-9 December 2012)

The Blessing and Inauguration


About 100 guests came to the Holy Mass, ribbon-cutting, blessing of the Centre. Lunch was served to family, St. Scholastica’s College classmates and friends who came from Manila, members of the Rotary Club of Sariaya, Barangay Captains of the community, religious and lay members of the Church and members of local NGOs focused on women’s issues and senior citizens.

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